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Our pet bathing tool is especially suitable for pets who do not like to take a bath.
❀The pet shower sprayer has an adjustable length wearable design that allows the adapter of the pet bathing tool to easily handle different styles of faucets without worrying about being unusable and easy to install the dog shower sprayer.

❀The water flow is synchronized with the massage. The pet bathing tool’s perfect water pressure and soft brush massage will relax the pet.

❀The dog shower sprayer can control the water flow switch with one hand, which allows you to bathe the pet more comfortably with your hands, using this dog shower sprayer saves water and bath time.

❀The arbitrarily adjustable water flow direction of the pet shower sprayer can penetrate deep and thick fur, helping you to easily remove dirt, dander and loose hair from your pet, pet shower sprayer can simplify the bathing process, reduce your workload, increase efficiency.

❀BPA-free food grade silicone, ABS plastic and metal Pet grooming and washing tools are durable and suitable for both hot and cold water.

Equipped with two faucet adapters for connecting tools to various indoor and outdoor faucets without the need to pay for additional accessories

The massage head is suitable for any hand size. Pet shower sprayer has an adjustable wrist strap that fits comfortably and fits the size of each hand. It can be firmly fixed

Large size sprayer, the water flow is gentle, the pressure is not extreme, but it is enough to complete the work, the head size is large enough to discharge a lot of water

The sprayer outlet water flow is quiet, while the softer spray does not cause noise like a normal hose sprayer

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