We all love our dog very much. We think that we know all about our dogs but we are in a great illusion. There are many things about the dogs that should be taken a good care with much more affection. The dog might seem familiar to you but the behavior that they shows to others must be noticed carefully. Their behaviour needs a  proper consultation.

We should give proper medical care, regular exercise, preventive healthcare, great nutrition for a long-term relationship with our pets. Although dogs are a part of our family, they do not relate and communicate the same as we do. We must relate to them as our pets, not as we would with people.Their might be various reasons why a dog may become aggressive. He may be protective of his home or a family, possessive of his food or toys. There may be signs of aggression in dogs like growling, showing teeth, barking, snapping and biting. There are several dogs who get more aggressive when they see stranger. This behavior of dog might not be appropriate in the society. 

We help educate your dog`s behavior smoothly and may be able to help you and your dog overcome their anxiousness, fearfulness and stress that they might be having by working together. We often provide you some of our consultation classes and help you with every single problem that has been hunting your dog. We might as well recommend a consult with a veterinary behaviorist. PetStoreNepal.com will help you learn from adaption to daily activities. We will help you on their feeding, habit, grooming, vaccination, behaviour and much more.

Is your dog in a proper guidance?

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